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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I remember #34

I remember sometimes my parents would eat ice cream after putting me and my brother to bed. The clinking of the spoon on the cup.

I remember when I was setting type for the first time. Some of the fonts were sparse—stolen letters? I thought a “p” could be an upside-down “d.” But I was wrong. My teacher said the type was made out of lead, to wash our hands, and don’t eat in the print room.

I remember I used to hate the Beastie Boys—too beastie, too boyish. Then I got a job at a certain dining commons where the guys who were responsible for music loved the Beastie Boys, and I was forced to listen to them almost all shift, if I was working hot line, and I often was. So now I love the Beastie Boys. Similar thing happened with Weezer, different job.


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