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Thursday, February 23, 2006

How to know you've become rural. #7

1. When you go anywhere in town, you look at the trucks in the parking lot to see who’s there.

2. You know the names of your neighbor’s pets.

3. When you notice an unfamiliar car in your neighborhood, you say, “I wonder who that is.”

4. You see more cows than people on any given day.

5 You start recognizing certain cows as you drive by.

6. When you meet someone and hear their last name, you say, “Are you related to so-and-so” and they are.

7. You start leaving “ly” off your adverbs when you talk, as in: “Drive careful.”

8. You know the names of the mountains.

9. When you tell someone you got pulled over, they ask, “Which cop was it?”

10. You’ve read and can remember every bumper sticker in town.

11. The pharmacist knows your name.


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