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Monday, September 11, 2006


Here is someone's call for submission. Sounds good--I think I'll submit.


After much umming and ahhhing about its future, it has been decided that there *will* be a sixth issue of Reassess Your Weapons zine (the collective Manifesta zine that is open for all to contribute to. See for more info on the zine, and on Manifesta).

We welcome all submissions from anybody willing to contribute. Submissions in the past have varied from writing to art, humorous to serious, interviews to poetry, cartoons to Ladyfest info, photography to sketches, reviews to recipes, political discussion to personal rants and beyond. Please do submit anything you wish to or

The zine is a feminist, queer positive space which enables *all* our lives and experiences, creativities and talents to be voiced and published without censorship; contribute to the zine and let *your* voice be heard.

The past few issues have benefited from dedicating a portion of the zine to a collective discussion. Previous issues have addressed Confidence, Burnout and Harassment with each discussion taking the form of individual thoughts, experiences and suggestions being printed alongside many other individual thoughts generating a bank of important discussions from which to hopefully take strength, inspiration and empowerment.

Issue six of the zine is focussing its collective discussion on myth busting feel free to contribute to this discussion by submitting articles in any medium you wish. Feel free to address the idea of taking commonly held perceptions and sharing alternative realities. Or how about writing about an idea youve challenged in your life and show how others could do the same? Or what about looking at a study of an individual who has taken an unconventional role and how they did it, and what drives them. Feel free to submit anything you wish on this theme and feel free to interpret the notion of myth busting in which ever ways you wish.

Submit all articles to or or email for a UK postal address to send work (in an A5 format) to.

Many thanks, and heres to a great new issue!
Melanie xx

N.B : Please post or forward this call-for-submissions anywhere you wish to try and broaden our base of contributors!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

great reviews!

I'm so happy to have received two good reviews from Zine World, so grateful that I was assigned reviewers who appreciate my project. Yay.

Erik & Laura-Marie Magazine #30: A perzine that reads like a letter from an old friend, or sister. Laura-Marie tells us about some memories, some books to check out, tea, recipes, applying for a job and more. Erik contributes neat short-short stories that are awesome. If you like zines, you should get this. It’s free, but send something. [28S :16]—mishap

Erik & Laura-Marie Magazine #35: This slim, spartan, personalzine consists of snippets of memories, excerpts from letters, and bursts of poetry. Well-written, congenial, and with a slight undercurrent of melancholy. Recommended—and free, so you don’t have to take my word for it. Laura-Marie Taylor, 1728 Richmond St. #9, Sacramento CA 95825,, [free, trade, ftp 20S :18]—Karlos