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Thursday, September 07, 2006

great reviews!

I'm so happy to have received two good reviews from Zine World, so grateful that I was assigned reviewers who appreciate my project. Yay.

Erik & Laura-Marie Magazine #30: A perzine that reads like a letter from an old friend, or sister. Laura-Marie tells us about some memories, some books to check out, tea, recipes, applying for a job and more. Erik contributes neat short-short stories that are awesome. If you like zines, you should get this. It’s free, but send something. [28S :16]—mishap

Erik & Laura-Marie Magazine #35: This slim, spartan, personalzine consists of snippets of memories, excerpts from letters, and bursts of poetry. Well-written, congenial, and with a slight undercurrent of melancholy. Recommended—and free, so you don’t have to take my word for it. Laura-Marie Taylor, 1728 Richmond St. #9, Sacramento CA 95825,, [free, trade, ftp 20S :18]—Karlos


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