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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

weird things #8

Erik was getting in the car to drive to work when he noticed my wallet was in the car. He was going to be late if he didn’t hurry up, so I asked him to throw it to me. He threw it so bad it went up on the roof and stuck there. I started cracking up. He ran into the house and got the broom, climbed up on the porch railing, scraped my wallet off the roof, caught it, and handed it to me. Then he ran back to the car and drove off to work (I waved).

I bought a tomato and left it on the kitchen counter. It got really ripe. When I finally decided to eat it, I cut into it and was disgusted to see little green things in it, which I thought were bugs. But they weren’t bugs--they were leaves. The seeds had sprouted inside the tomato. I didn’t know if I should eat them. I finally decided to plant them. But they didn’t grow.

Erik was driving to work one morning and saw the road was full of cows. He stopped. Then the rancher motioned to him and said, “You’re just going to have to get around.” Either the fence broke or he was herding them down the street, but it only happened once. Eventually a large truck was coming down the road in the opposite direction. Some of the cows got scared and moved over, so Erik finally got through.

One morning I picked my shoe up off the porch, and there was a huge black centipede under it. We have praying mantises too.

Last winter we had an icicle hanging from our roof that was more than five feet long, right by the front door.


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