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Thursday, July 05, 2007

two dreams from #41

the blue glove

I dropped one of my blue gloves into the river far, far below. I asked a little girl to get it for me, because the river was so shallow there, and I could see it. I was too tired / busy to go. She said yes--then I realized this was a dangerous errand, and she might drown. “No, I changed my mind—don’t get it for me,” I said, but I knew she might try anyway, and it would be my fault if she died. How could I force her or convince her not to go down to the river for the blue glove?


We crashed our car into a helicopter that was trying to land on the road. Then we got interrogated and captured by evil soldiers who thought we were spies. They were interrogating us in a language we couldn't understand. Then they beat and tortured us (the torture took place off-camera) and held us prisoner. They enjoyed hurting us. At the end, someone came around doing a form and found we were being held without cause, and we were let free, but we didn't know where to go. Many other people were let free at the same time, and none of us knew where to go.


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